Global Capacity Planning 4.0 (GMPS)

Make intelligent decisions to optimize capacity and ensure that current inventory satisfies current demand.


Businesses with multiple departments in multiple locations make data silos a real problem and collaboration becomes more and more difficult.

Analyze demands and plan capacity

Manage Production Unit calendars and submit the plans

Monitor capacity via stats and reports

ORS Global Capacity Planning 4.0 (GMPS) solution allows seamless collaboration between your central planning and PU (Production Unit) planning teams to ensure that production capacity, delivery dates and volumes are fulfilled on time and optimized based on market demand.

ORS GMPS 4.0 allows you to

Excel-based functions

Replace Excel-based PU projections, min lot analysis, time and action or simple Just-in-Time plans, raw materials projections and MRP, as well as reports.

Planning & Communication

Structure lead time-based planning and email communication.

Using ORS RETa.i.LTM Platform, we are able to create a highly sensitive and responsive digital supply chain to manage inventories in real-time and to optimize operations end-to-end. Buy Anything, Get Anywhere 4.0 (BAGA) is a disruptive solution for automated omnichannel fulfilment to help us build superior customer experiences and avoid lost sales.

Gianluca Tanzi, COO
Brooks Brothers Corporation
New York, USA

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